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Imandra Documentation

Welcome to the documentation for Imandra - the programming language and reasoning engine.

These documentation pages are also available as interactive Jupyter notebooks. Whenever you see a Try this! button, press it to launch the current page in a notebook on try.imandra.ai where you can edit the examples and experiment! See notebook information below for a bit more detail.

If you're completely new to Imandra, we recommend starting with the Welcome to Imandra introduction.

Other information

When you've launched the current docs page in a Jupyter notebook, you can select cells, modify them, and evaluate them using the Run button at the top. This will evaluate the cell against the current notebook state (which will include previous evaluations) - if you run into problems it can be helpful to clear the state and re-evaluate everything from scratch via the Kernel > Restart & Clear Output / Restart & Run All menu items. When the notebook first launches the state is empty, so you'll most likely need to run the cells in order from the beginning up to the one you wish to modify in order to have all the required definitions loaded.

Please note: as the notebooks run on a public server we monitor resource usage closely. If your notebook or terminal sessions are inactive for longer than 15 minutes they will be shutdown and will require restarting. Any in-process state will be lost.

If no activity is observed at all for 30 minutes your notebook server will be culled - you will lose any data you've input and saved in the notebooks. If you want to preserve changes more permanently, export your changes via the Gist export or Download as in the File menu.

You can relaunch the notebook to get a new instance!

Notebook key phrases

Below is a list of key phrases and notebooks relevant to those phrases:

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