Docker Installation

If you want to run Imandra in a container, you can use our official Docker image (You first need to have Docker installed in your machine)

From a terminal execute:

docker pull imandra/imandra-client:latest && \
  docker run -it --rm -v ${HOME}/.imandra:/root/.imandra \

The above container contains a stripped down version of the tools provided through the local installer, installed in a debian:9 base image, and crucially, doesn't include a functional opam environment in order to minimize the image size.

If you need a Docker image that includes a functional opam switch in order to extend the set of libraries available from Imandra, you can use the imandra/imandra-client-switch image instead. The available tags are ubuntu, debian and latest, with latest aliasing debian.

The command to run Imandra using one of those images is:

docker pull imandra/imandra-client-switch:latest && \
  docker run -it --rm -v ${HOME}/.imandra:/home/opam/.imandra \

In order to ensure that the set of runtime dependencies for Imandra is correctly installed, for the moment we only officially support using one of those images as a base for your custom Docker images.