Manual Installation with opam

If you’re already familiar with the OCaml ecosystem and opam, you can use Imandra as a normal opam package, provided your switch is setup using ocaml 4.12.

The simplest way to install imandra in a custom switch is to install the imandra-dist metapackage, which includes the full Imandra distribution:

opam switch create . ocaml-base-compiler.4.12.1
opam repo add imandra
opam update
opam depext imandra-dist
opam install imandra-dist
opam exec -- imandra_client -server 'imandra_network_client'

Public Packages

For more advanced installations, we include a list of the available packages in our opam repository:

  • imandra-auth-lib: Library for authenticating to the Imandra Cloud
  • imandra-base: Imandra base library, providing access to the Imandra protocol and syntax/surface types
  • imandra-base-bin: Provides the imandra-extract and imandra-codegen binaries
  • imandra-client: Imandra client library, providing entrypoints for the creation of custom Imandra clients
  • imandra-client-bin: Provides the imandra_client binary
  • imandra-client-http-server: Provides the imandra_client_http_server binary
  • imandra-cmd: Provides the imandra_cmd binary (the Imandra launcher)
  • imandra-deps: Metapackage used to synchronise dependency versions for all the imandra-dist packages
  • imandra-dist: Metapackage used to install all the Imandra packages in one go
  • imandra-merlin: Merlin extensions for imandra, provides the imandra-merlin binary for editor integration
  • imandra-network: Provides the imandra_network_client binary, to be used as a server for imandra_client
  • imandra-prelude: Imandra prelude as an OCaml Library
  • imandra-reason-parser: Provides a ReasonML parser to Imandra
  • imandra-stdlib: Imandra standard library of lemmas
  • imandra-tools: Library providing extra tooling on top of Imandra's decomposition facilities
  • imandra-voronoi: Library for visualizing Imandra Regions as a Voronoi diagram
  • imandra-vscode-server: Provides the imandra-vscode-server binary, providing the backend for the VSCode based Imandra IDE. Please see the Installation Page for details.
  • jupyter-imandra: Jupyter notebook frontend for Imandra